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Reducing Risk and Admin Overhead: Consolidate Unix/Linux Identities

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Unix/Linux accounts often don’t receive the same security oversight as Windows systems, exposing some of your most vulnerable and high-value targets. Diverse flavors of Unix and Linux and disconnected directories make it challenging to manage user identities and assign consistent privileges. As a result, admins often duplicate efforts and spend many hours managing separate directories. Others use generic shared accounts in violation of least privilege principles.

With the introduction of Thycotic Identity Bridge, you can now streamline authentication and authorization for diverse operating systems and platforms from a central hub to ensure consistent privilege security practices.

Join Thycotic Director of Product Management Paul Harper and Product Marketing Manager Erin Duncan on Thurs, November 19 for this webinar to learn how to better manage Unix/Linux user accounts and to see a demo of Thycotic’s latest solution, Identity Bridge.

Who should watch this webinar?

  • Secret Server customers
  • IT Operations
  • IT Security

What will I learn?

  • The importance of including Unix and Linux user and privileged accounts and credentials in a comprehensive PAM strategy.
  • How to overcome challenges to consolidate user identities and permissions.
  • How to use your Active Directory infrastructure to simplify account management and access control for Unix/Linux the same way you manage Windows.
  • Benefits of integrating Unix/Linux into a central PAM program, including minimizing privilege account sprawl, hardening your attack surface, and ensuring compliance.

Get the answers to these important questions

  • How will Identity Bridge help me save time, increase visibility, and reduce risk?
  • How can I use Identity Bridge with Active Directory?
  • How is Identity Bridge an essential component of a Unix/Linux PAM strategy?


Paul Harper

Paul Harper

  • 20 years of experience in the Identity and Access Management space
  • Focus on security solutions, particularity around privileged account and session management, multi-factor authentication, and web security, with a focus on non-windows platforms, especially Unix & Linux
  • Worked for: Symantec Corporation, Axent Technologies, Quest Software, Dell Software, and BeyondTrust
  • Follow on Twitter at @xXPaulHarperXx
Erin Duncan

Erin Duncan

  • 20 years of creative and product marketing experience with over 10 years focused on software across a variety of verticals
  • As Thycotic's Product Marketing Manager Erin focuses on marketing strategy, messaging and positioning, and marketing content creation